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What was it

On Oct 12–14, the organization called GlobalHack hosted their 7th official hackathon at the Chaifetz Arena. A hackathon is an event where several individuals come to together to “hack” on a problem. In this case, the problem that was being hacked on was immigration. The main goal of the hackathon was to help shape the experiences of foreign-born individuals in the areas of Employment, Capturing Experiences, Resources, and Community. The event lasted three days. The first day was for team formation. The second was just for development. The third was just for presentation. The solutions were judged on their execution, design, originality, and impact. Our team built a project called Immigrant Connect. It was a simple social networking for immigrants to form local communities and view local job postings.

Why did I go?

I went because I enjoy building projects with other students and wanted to further develop my project management skills in a high-stress environment. I also attended GlobalHack VI two years ago and wanted to see how much my skills have developed since the last competition I attended. There were also many companies sponsoring the event and I made an effort to network with them. Normally, I tend to develop the project and let others present, but this time, I wanted to take a larger role in the presentation of the project. Overall, I just wanted to have a fun weekend and try to build something I could put on my resume with the collaboration of several Spark students.

How was it useful

This competition was useful in several ways. I learned how to better manage a team to develop and present a project. I gained valuable presentation experience as our team had to present to several individuals and judges. In terms of presenting a app or website to someone. The design of the application can sometimes leave a strong negative or positive impression on the prospective consumer/customer. I also learned that when it comes to participating in a competition there is no real loser. There is winning experience and then there is winning money. Either way, it is a win-win. Hopefully, as I encounter more situations with a team dynamic or a large scale application I can apply the experience gained from this excursion.

– Michael Navazhylau