In haste, things catch fire and burn down.

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Hey. It’s Mecha. I thought it might be fun to talk about my short stint of burnout over the summer.

Haste may follow excitement

There are wonderful things in this world to get excited about: Bleeding Edge tech, New ideas, New friends, New Opportunities. In haste of all this overwhelming novelty that we may face, we may try to commit (grasp) onto many new projects or endeavors. This is our haste. Novelty can be a very alluring thing.

Because of our haste, we may crash and burn

Just like with our hands, we have a limited amount of things that we can hold on to securely. As such, when we pile on more than we handle, we crush our hands in the process.

Obviously, our hands will heal. Its a matter of how long they will heal and the rehabilitation.

This is burn out


Over the summer, I had the nagging sense that I had to work on something over the summer, technology wise. As much as I wanted to, my mind was telling me otherwise. I made the poor decision of ignoring it. Whatever I tried building during the summer, I can’t bring myself to looking at again.

Know your limit

Then maybe do your limit + 1, but that is it.

limit + 1 is if you’re aiming for growth. But limits are very volatile and dependent on several internal and external factors. Like Calculus :D


Though haste sometimes is necessary and could be good at times, evaluate the situation and see if it can be properly handled in a calm manner rather then a chaotic sprint.

You will collapse if you sprint too hard. No one is immune to this

Thanks for reading out. I’m flying away for now

– Michael Navazhylau