August 2018 Devlog 02: Building a Habit App but with RPG elements

Yo. It’s that bird. Mechasparrow. I’ve been doing some dev and making some tutorials.

What have I been coding this week?

Well I’m still kinda building the Scavenger hunt app, but I put that as second priority coding wise. The main application I’m working is called repeatic.

Repeatic is a habit task app with RPG elements.

What does this mean?

It means that as you complete certain tasks or solidify habits, you interact with a sort of game environment in the process. Kinda like Tamagotchi. You gain XP or lose health depending on how well you complete tasks and stay committed to habits.

How am I building it?

with JavaScript and React.JS

Whats the progress so far?

  • complete tasks
  • gain xp
  • create tasks

I plan on incorporating some pixel art aesthetics. Bad news… It’s going to be a lot of initially bad pixel art :D

That’s it so far. The repo is over at github

Other stuff

I completed another tutorial over on LiveEdu. LiveEdu is an online livestreaming programming education platform. I plan on starting to publish YouTube videos at some point.

Backend development has begun on the scavenger hunt application. So I would say maybe another good 70% to go regarding that app.

School starts less then one week from now… Pretty riveting IMO.

– Michael Navazhylau