2018 August Dev Log 01: App Dev and Project experimentation

I’ve been developing a couple of project lately. The main right now is a scavenger hunt app. Another friend of mine is developing this one with me, so that is pretty fun.

The other one I’m building is a information sharing platform. I’ll cover that one in more detail in the next Dev Log.


The features the completed app will have are

  • Ability to complete scavenger hunts
  • Ability to complete unique challenges that each hunt contains.
  • A Leader board that shows which players have completed the most challenges/hunts
  • Ability for users to create their own hunts/challenges
  • Users will be able to check back on the hunts/challenges they have recently completed


The basic version of the app frontend has been completed. I have begun coding the backend API not too long ago. Be adding a web backend to the app, users will be able to interact with one another and allows for the accumulation of user-generated content.

The Tech Stack

The aim right now is to be able to release the app on Android and IOS once it has been completed. As such, we opted to develop the app using JavaScript and React Native on the front end. React Native offers wonderful cross platform support with the offer of integrating essential native device features like Geo Location. In addition, if the app will be ported to the web (with React.JS), very little of the code base will actually have to be modified.

For the backend API, I am currently experimenting with Ruby on Rails

This project is being developed at a relaxed pace. This is mostly because senior year of high school is starting up in a few weeks from now :)

– Mechasparrow (Michael Navazhylau)