Start of Senior Year...


Senior year has started

Senior finally has begun and with it a new source for adventures. Adventures of the fun kind and the stressful kind specifically. There is also much time set aside for much needed spiritual + character growth.

Character growth?

Ah… well… ya know. I feel okay interacting with computers. There is not such a super high degree of variability with issues faced. The issue can usually be identified with a debugger and then removed. With people… I’ve gotten better. Its a life-long learning sort of thing, but I want to get a better handle of it this year before I start college.

Spiritual growth?

I set aside time each day to study a couple eastern philosophy. I’ll let you take a wild guess of what they are if you’ve read this blog longer than just this post.

Long story short. It requires a lot of contemplation of unwholesome (greed, hatred, delusion) acts and how to root them out permanently. It is an arduous process, and it is hard to tell when I’m making progress. I still find it a path worth taking.

Software Development

As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t think I am that good at building software. I may have a large repository of loosely connected technical principals (programming languages, game development, web development, etc), but the results are sporadic when it comes to the utility of the projects.

My plan is pretty drastic, but here is what it is.

I’m scrapping all the projects I started working on during the summer. Instead I’m going to set a goal to create one well developed project a month.

If there are multiple projects going on, my focus will be on the one which is of highest difficulty first.


In addition to the normal core classes you take in high school. I am part of a experiential learning tech program. We focus on building solutions to problems with technology. I plan on improving my ability to communicate and present within the class. Additionally, just growing my scope of knowledge within the technology space.

So that’s that.

– Michael Navazhylau