The Last Year of High School...

I’ll be starting school tomorrow, and I thought that maybe writing a post about that sort of thing would be interesting. I already wrote about summer in general. You can read about that here or here

The last previous 3 years of high school

I don’t remember too much about freshmen and sophomore year except that I learned some Math, Science, English, History, and Spanish. Plus there was learning how to be less socially awkward. Trust me, I’m getting there :)

Junior year was the most impactful. I faced many challenges and saw how many flaws that are need of addressing. What I initially thought were simple interactions came to be something else I did not entirely expect. In the end, I was forced to swallow some hard truths that I am still working on internalizing even now.

It was also the first year I took Spark! Spark! was and still is a wonderful place that people can spend their time learning skills through experience rather then through a regular classroom setting. I think they call it experiential learning or something of that sort.

For the first time, I was able spend time learning programming and technology with others rather then alone on my computer like I usually do. The feeling of belonging to a community like that, well… It’s an incredible feeling.

Looking forward (i.e tomorrow and beyond)

There is no realistic way of being able to predict everything about the future. If that were the case, it would not be as fun :). So making the best of my capacities and potential, I’ll put forth the best efforts to be of help to others and academically diligent. I cannot foresee what difficulties await, but they will happen and come to pass.

There is always an easier route in any situation. But if does not equate to the same yield as the harder route, the harder route will probably be better in the long game even if it looks boring in the short game.

Good luck

This was more of a personal post. If any readers are returning to high school/college this fall, I wish them all the best of luck.

– Michael Navazhylau