Highschool So Far

So high school has been pretty interesting so far. I would like to say that I would like to get out of here and soon as possible. That feeling is greatly enhanced by that fact that I have one year left of high school. So in this article I’ll just go through the rundown of some key things that happened each year.


  • Took classes
  • Joined clubs
  • Coded


  • Took classes
  • Kept doing clubs
  • Coded
  • Virtual Business

Junior Took ½ classes + Spark

  • Spark is just more coding
  • Quit some clubs joined new clubs
  • Experimented a bit and then cut off sketchy friends


  • IDK

Within all of these years of high school and public education so far. I would have to say that my Junior year of high school has been the most valuable to me. The stakes were higher with exams like the ACT. Some classes I took were extremely interesting as well. Especially Government and Crime and Law. With how I’ve been taking classes, hopefully, senior year will not be that bad :D