How I organize my tasks for the day.

Organizing my tasks

So I started utilizing a system that I haven’t used since Summer Break started and I thought that I should share it. It’s quite simple (I think)

The System

I use this text editor on occasion called Emacs. Within Emacs they have special modes/plugins. One of the modes are called org mode. With in Org Mode you can do you can write notes/agendas/todos and so much more

How is this system used

Everyday when I wake up in the morning (and have the energy), I create a new agenda file. This agenda file is a simple checklist file that has tasks separated into several categories.


Yeah categories.

Like What?

The categories that I have setup right now are

  • Work
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual (i.e Buddhism, Philos, etc)

By dividing all my tasks into these categories I can maintain a productive level of energy without burning myself out.

And sys.exit(1);

That’s it for now. I’ll modify this post with links tomorrow…