Building an Anime App because why not?


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So one day, I was watching Anime. I do this on a frequent basis. With that being the case, I realized at some point that there was so much anime that I was losing track of. I looked at the current implementation out there… mainly MyAnimeList, but I thought I should build something a bit more extendable. There were a couple features and aesthetics that I wanted to modify. Not only that, I also have a set of favorate characters(A.K.A Waifus) that I thought would be cool to add in too. There is also a collection for this called MyWaifuList


The stack as of right now is just Angular 6.0 with TypeScript and Web Browser Storage. As I further develop the app. I’ll probably off load some of the logic onto a backend server of some sort.


  • Profile Page (WIP)
  • Anime Search
  • Waifu showcase
  • Anime/Entertainment collection Page
  • In Progress Features


Well that’s all I have to say about Animku (WIP). If you’d like to learn more or take a look. You can check the source code out at Github