Game Dev Log for April 16


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Alright I’m tired. It’s 10:30. Whatever.

I’ll talk about the progress of the game I’ve been building for the past couple of weeks

Here we go


The game, Rodnova, is a game where you are Rod. Rod is a young scarf wearing Novian who was made fun of because he wore a scarf. The games main purpose is show that regardless of who people tell you, heros can come from unlikely sources and should not be underestimated. Rod goes on a journey to prove his strength and save his village from the 4 demons of the apocalypse. That’s the story I have in my head so far.

Level Design

The levels are split into 6 sections.

  • Tutorial
  • Grasslands
  • Firelands
  • Waterlands
  • Airlands
  • Village

Each of these sections have 4 levels except the Village stage, and the Tutorial levels.

Each set of levels is intended to present Rod with new challenged and new game mechanics.

I have not designed many games before hand so the level design still needs much work


I finished up most of the Airlands levels. I just have to creat the boss level for Airlands and that is it for that section.

Tomorrow, I will complete the Airlands boss, and begin working on the Village levels

Other updates

  • Turned 17
  • Building web application in Spark
  • Eating, Sleeping, High School, Coding

Game will come out within the following weeks
Stay tuned!

– Mecha