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Booting Back Up

Hello again. I torched all my old blog posts. If I find it a topic necessary writing about again, it will be written again.

As in life. Things burn and dissolve and are reborn into something new. The new form could be beautiful or uglier than the old form.

It is new nonetheless.

I have no plan. I have intentions of where I want to go, but all I have initially to go off of is my instincts and core principles.

And even so. These are subject to change.

This blog post serves to be the first mile marker in that journey to deliberate experimentation and exploration on a day to day basis.

There may be days where I wish not to write, explore, help others, capture the world. I admit that and will not try to sugar coat that fact.

There is one startling positive thing about it all.

Many things can be optimized, reworked, and sculpted into something wonderful

Even if each day I live is not necessarily a net good in the weird cosmic amorphous scale of the universe.

Here’s to trying my best to make each and everyone some ethereal net good.

Hey reader. I hope you got something out of this. I wish you a wonderful day and many successes. Go and have fun.

– Michael Navazhylau