Embarking on a New Year: 2020

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Hello again. A new year has come upon us.

Not only a new year but a new decade. I’ll have a separate article regarding the decade later on this week.

The beginning of the New Year serves as an arbitrary milestone for which one can reflect upon the past and have a look towards the future.

As such, let us begin by looking at events that have occurred last year for Mechasparrow

Key Events that happened last year (2019)

2019 marked the beginning and end of many things.

In particular, it marked the end of High School and the beginning of College for me. It feels like just yesterday I‌ started college in August. On the flip side, the end of high school felt so long ago that it feels like it was fleeting memory.

‌High School

Drilling even further, the end of high school felt bittersweet. Though it felt like I‌ did many things in Highschool, I‌ also felt like I‌ took the easy route.

For the last two years of high school, I‌ only was physically there for half the day (i.e 3-4 hours). For the second half of school, I‌ was at Spark.

Spark was a district program I‌ was in where they let me build whatever I‌ wanted. It was at a college next to the high school.

In that sense, it made it feel like I‌ left high school in my 2nd year of high school.

Regarding graduation, I will admit that wearing college robes and throwing our hats in the air was pretty fun.

The beginning of college

After the end of high school, the college began the following fall. With it came, new classes, new challenges, and new friends.


For challenges, I found it very difficult to hang on to the hobbies I‌ once had before college started, they were overshadowed by other college commitments.

Later in the semester, I cultivated new and old hobbies such as journaling, reading, ballroom dancing, and longboarding.

There was also the issue of work/life balance. As I was unsure what the rigor of classes was before the first mid-term, I‌ decided to over-study rather than under-study.

After the first round of mid-terms, I‌ had a better idea of class rigor and lightened my workload accordingly.

This led to a better balance between life and academics.

The over-arching challenge was time management. Knowing how much time needed to be spent where and how often, etc, etc.

The best solution to this was putting all my time commitments in a single place/calendar. This ended up being Google Calendar for me.

I‌nitially, I‌ over-allocated time for tasks and shrank them in size as I‌ understood their duration for completion.

New Friends

With any new environment with people, there comes the opportunity for new social interactions.

There were three main places where I‌ got to meet new friends. These were the dorms, classes, and student organizations (clubs).

Most of my friends lived in the same dorm as me. This is probably because they were the people, I‌ bumped into the most.

Depending on the type, clubs are also a good place to meet new friends with similar interests. I‌ met some people from that as well. I decided to have one major-specific club and one non-major-specific club.

Surprisingly, I have a leadership position in both of the clubs. You can learn more about that in this post.

New Classes

The general format for classes/courses in college is actually pretty nice. On average, you’ll only have to attend a class for 3 hours a week. Worst case scenario 5 hours, best case scenario 1 hour.

Surprisingly, I had one class just like that where I‌ only had to attend it one hour each week.

My favorite class by far was probably my classical mythology class. There were many assigned readings for the class, but I‌ enjoyed all of it thoroughly.

I enjoyed it even more so when I‌ stopped taking notes over the readings.

Luckily, some lectures are just recaps of readings which make things easier on the student side.

Another fun class was my computer science class since it was related to my major.

It definitely wasn’t for the faint of heart. I‌ wrote it about it more in this post.

Goals Moving Forward

Surprisingly unrelated to New Years (I know), I‌ set a couple of new goals going forward.

  • Spend more time deeply meditating
  • Study more Eastern/Western Philosophy
  • Start producing Video Content (YouTube)
  • Improve at Social interaction and Public Speaking
  • Help grow the Mizzou Ballroom Club
  • Improve my ballroom dancing

Two of the ones worth mentioning are public speaking and ballroom club points. These both go hand in hand as well.

When I‌ was younger, I‌ was very timid and shy. I‌ also just avoided talking to people altogether. Now that I’ve grown older, I stopped avoiding social interaction.

However, there is still much more room to grow especially when it comes to speaking to large groups of people. That is where Public Speaking comes in.

I‌ have also been placed in a position of leadership for the Mizzou Ballroom club which was revived just this year! As such, I‌ want to begin recruiting more students into the club.

There will be two ballroom competitions that we will be attending and I‌ can’t wait to compete in both of them as well!


Well, that’s all I‌ have on my mind at the moment looking forward and back.

See you all in the next post!