Mechasparrow Website Redesign

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Hello all. I just finished redesigning my website and thought that I should talk about it a bit.

Why did I redesign it?

The main reason for redesigning the website was that it hasn’t been updated for over a year.

The secondary reason is that I thought that the old website was hard to navigate and clunky.

I also thought that redesigning my website and its contents would be a great project to kick off my summer break this year.

What was done?

My website currently runs on top of Jekyll. It is a tool for streamlining the blog/portfolio creation process.

This allows me to worry less about writing the redundant HTML code for the website and more time writing content for the website.

The best part about Jekyll is that there is already an assortment of free open-source themes to choose from.

This saves me an additional time by eliminating the necessity to create a design for the website from scratch. Instead, I get to choose a design that has been battle tested so to speak.

For new content on the website, I added a new projects page with a list of some projects I’ve worked on. I then wrote an improved about section and updated the social links as well.

How does this improve/change things?

Now that I have a better website in place, I can focus more on content creation and projects without worrying about having a good central hub to showcase it from.

It is also extensible enough so that information about my video/stream schedule and tutorials can be added in the future.


That basically sums up the website (re)design process. If you have any questions you can contact me via social platforms.

Michael Navazhylau (a.k.a Mechasparrow) is an engineer that loves building stuff, philosophy, and other creative endeavors. You can check out my website at Mechasparrow.

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