Planeta Devlog #1

Hello everyone. This is the first devlog of Planeta. Because of the wonderful feedback, I have gotten from everyone who has played my Planeta Demo, I have decided to develop Planeta into my first fully fledged video game.

So without further ado, let’s get into the development updates


So far in the month of March. I have created three new sets of sprites. I created a basic sprite sheet for the following…

  • Spikes
  • Explosions
  • Asteroids

Out of each of these new sprites, I would say that I enjoyed drawing up the explosion. Here it is in action.

I will probably set aside some time as well to redesign some artwork if I feel like I can improve the aesthetic.

Physics Code

Because Planeta is a physics-based puzzle game, some of the code implements real-world physics. In this case, the physics had to do with circular motion.

I had to implement this behavior programmatically projectiles had to be forced to leave planetary orbits at specific angles so they could link up nicely with planets and eventually reach their goal gates.

I was able to obtain the physics required from my AP Physics 1 class since it falls into basic 2d physics.

Once I got the orbital physics working properly, the projectiles were able to orbit smoothly between planets.

New Game Mechanic Logic

What was exciting about most of this months development is that many new game mechanics have been added. The following have been added…

  • Ability to Toggle Cannon Launch Angles
  • Spikes
  • Experimental Multiplayer
  • Exploding Asteroids.

The two powerful new game mechanics are the launch angles and spikes. By adding spikes to planets, it severely limits the landing area when slinging from one planet to the next. Jump to another planet too early, and you may end up eating spikes!

Multiplayer will require a lot of testing and will probably be revisited closer to the next demo launch. This is because certain game mechanics like buttons must be revisited to function correctly with multiple players

Exploding Asteroids may be used as a point scoring system. Who knows yet!

Upcoming Features for Development

The next features in the development pipeline are the following…

  • Speed running system
  • Procedurally generated space maps
  • Adding a new set of levels that incorporate the new game mechanics

You can find the latest Demo at

That is all for now. See you next time.

Michael Navazhylau (a.k.a Mechasparrow) is an engineer that loves building stuff, philosophy, and other creative endeavors. You can check out my website at Mechasparrow.

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