Rock Climbing Field Trip

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So I am currently on Spring Break for school right now. It has been nice thus far. It has just been a lot of experimentation and regime building more or less. What really kicked off spring break for me was the Friday beforehand. I had a Rock Climbing trip and I thought that I should write a little bit about it.

So let’s see. We took a bus there. It was a fairly bumpy ride, but it was not all that bad. When we got there the rock climbing elements were all outside. That by itself was not a big issue.

What really made it interesting was that it was about 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside. On top of that, it was also windy. Okay so just layer up in the cold. That way you are all nice and good for climbing yeah. Well no.

There we these wooden poles that we had to climb up that went up 20-30 feet give or take. I was mainly focused on climbing that I could not get an exact measurement of the wooden poles.

Once you got to the top of these wooden elements you had to either cross a tight wire or a wooden beam. The good news was that we were attached with harnesses the whole time, so there was not any large risk for harm.

It still seemed pretty scary when I looked down. I found that when it comes doing something new and unknown. You just have to stay firm with your resolve and do your personal best.

Sometimes the fear can be entirely overblown and it is always good to keep things in perspective.

The field trip also gave great insight into how to keep things not monotonous and exciting in life. Simply identify the range of experience you have on a daily basis and make it a goal to find something that will stretch your experience into unknown territory.

In addition to that, keep in mind that any experience is technically a new experience depending on the perspective you view it from. It is just easier to categorize an experience as one thing or another when it may be truly unique if you don’t try to categorize it.

Overall the trip was pretty exciting and I would love to take on more climbing challenges like it.

Michael Navazhylau (a.k.a Mechasparrow) is an engineer that loves building stuff, philosophy, and other creative endeavors. You can check out my website at Mechasparrow.

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