Planeta Demo

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I just finished up the first demo version of Planeta. It is a space puzzle game where you are trying to get back to his home planet.

You can download the demo here:
Feedback Survey:

How the game came about

I was assigned a project in my technology class to design a video game. I was also taking AP Physics 1 at the same time, so I decided to try to make a game that had to do with physics and space.

Initially, I tried to model the game off of real world gravitation physics. Two weeks before the game demo, I pivoted that game mechanic towards having fixed gravitational fields.

I also used to play Mario Galaxy when I was very young, so I decided I should make something that had to do with jumping from planet to planet.

Some Screenshots

Planeta screenshot

Planeta Screenshot

Game Mechanics

  • Gravitational Planets
  • Planetary Hopping
  • Getting sucked into blackholes
  • More to come!

What I used to build the game.

Unity3d Game Engine:
Piskel Pixel Art:

What’s next?

Well, I plan on updating and improving the game over the next month or so, and plan out a 1.0 launch.

Feedback is also greatly appreciated as it will help improve the game.

Michael Navazhylau (a.k.a Mechasparrow) is an engineer that loves building stuff, philosophy, and other creative endeavors. You can check out my website at Mechasparrow.

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