A Much Needed Update

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A Much Needed Update


Hey. Its been a while. I guess senior year has been all over the place for me. There has been a great deal of ups and downs. However, I would not have had it any other way. So now that I am swinging back into things, I thought

I might as well post an update as to the happenings.

Highschool + Spark

I am currently finishing up my last year in High School. It has caused me to learn the bits and pieces of myself that I wouldn’t have faced directly until much later down the road. Actual academics in school are pretty straightforward. There’s calculus, physics, english, and gym class.

The rest of the school day is spark. Spark is the class I dedicate most of my time to. It is not to say that the other classes are not as important, but they require a craft to come to practical use. Spark is where I cultivate said craft.

The craft of going out and building things.

Even before Spark, I used to tinker small little apps and games every day after school. Spark gives me more time to do what I love while earning credit in school.


Because Spark tends to be half of my school on a daily basis, it has shifted the technical projects I am currently working on. Right now I am currently balancing three projects simultaneously.

  1. Video Game (Planeta)
  2. Printing Web App. Uber for documents you want to print. Both 2d and 3d
  3. Outside Client Project.

I can’t really go into much detail about the third one since it is an outside client. I’ll still go over the first two.


A video game I’m working on. I finished the beta version a week ago. Look forward to seeing a demo of the game coming out later this week for beta testing + feedback.

It is about a spaceman who goes to space, but breaks his rocket. He needs to navigate planets and complete gravitational puzzles to get back to his planet.

Printing Web App

Each year in Spark, we are tasked with working on a team project. We are also given a collection of problems to work on at the beginning of the year. So I formed a team with a couple of classmates and this was the problem we chose.

How does one lose less money from ink cartridges/3d printer filament? That is the key question. Secondary, is some printers, 3d printers especially are expensive. How can we help those people print what they need printed without having to travel long distances or purchase a printer they may use sparingly?

Prototype: Uber for Printing! Peer-to-peer printing service

Of all the projects I am currently working on, I think I enjoy the video game the most. This isn’t to say that I won’t be working on other projects. However, these are the core ones I am working on at the moment.

Exciting Stuff!

In addition to the wonderful Spark projects I am working on. I’d decided to start blogging consistently again with video counterparts on YouTube.

Youtube: Mechasparrow
Twitch: @Mechasparrow

Website will (hopefully) be revamped to look aesthetically pleasing. I’ll also be documenting my development on Twitch whenever I have the time.

I can’t really promise a schedule yet. I should have something more solid within 2 weeks ish.

That’s all for now.

Michael Navazhylau (a.k.a Mechasparrow) is an engineer that loves building stuff, philosophy, and other creative endeavors. You can check out my website at Mechasparrow.

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