Welcome to the Blog

Hey. This is Michael. After several restless weeks of not blogging, I’ve decided to quit Medium. Instead, I will be blogging on my website mechasparrow

I feel that by blogging on my own website, I will have greater control of what I write about and the content I produce.


I will continue writing DevLogs. Expect those to be published weekly on Thursdays. New projects include an RSS Feed Reader, Cryptocurrent/blockchain, and a game! I can’t wait to talk about it these projects.

Poems and Creative endeavors

A couple months back, I experimented with alternative genres of writing. These mainly included poems and philosophical pieces. I will continue writing these type of posts as well.

Livestreaming and YouTube videos

I plan on creating course material and other types of content on platforms such as Youtube, Twitch.tv and LiveCoding.edu . I will post written post versions of these videos and courses.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. If you did, please be sure to share, like, etc